Mining Fuel Theft Solutions


Mining Fuel Theft Solutions

Some of the worlds mining companies are turning to Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd to assist in their fuel protection systems as the costs in ore extraction have continued to rise to alarming levels.

Since 2005 the leading mining companies’ fuel costs have doubled against per ounce of gold produced, as more energy is required to maintain profitability. *

With the hourly running costs of key equipment, such as a Hydraulic Shovels at $119 per hour and the fuel costs within this at $42 per hour; and rear dump trucks running costs of $89 per hour with the fuel costing $46,** the cost of fuel is a major factor and the importance of security within fuel stock has never been more important.

Mining vulnerable to theft

Mining companies located in remote areas are vulnerable to theft. The transportation of fuel supplies is critical ensuring the mine site production remains active and downtime is avoided .Fuel Thefts within mines sites have previously impacted production which has the potential to impact on share prices. Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd is a key partner in ensuring that the fuel maintains its integrity and reaches the destination intact.


With the ability to create fuel branding by using DieselDye™ we are able to support you in identifying your fuel against others. We are able to custom blend and offer various strengths which allows for a cost effective program.


DetectaDye™ is a DNA fuel marker which creates a forensic fuel fingerprint within the fuel. This is added at small dosage levels and is detected at Nano levels. This advance technology is world leading and is also resistant to reverse engineering thus making this a superior security solution. DetectaDye™ will support law enforcement.

Our products have been in use for many years which demonstrates our superior quality standards.

Our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor’s oversee all shipments ensuring compliance at every point. We have an IATA certified packing team on hand when the goods are required as a matter of urgency at any location.

*(, Gold Mining Industry, 4th August 2014)

**(, Mining Equipment Costs, September 2014)

Diesel Dye Fuel Theft Solutions TM

Providing an overt marking solution in a variety of colours and strengths, DieselDye offers a visual deterrent alongside fuel traceability.

DetectaDye TM DNA Fuel Marking

DetectaDye creates a unique DNA fuel fingerprint. This allows for full traceability and identification. DetectaDye is miscible in all fuels including crude oil.

CovertDye TM Fuel Theft Solutions

CovertDye is an invisible marker, which when tested, will provide an instant verification of fuel ownership.


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