Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd have been working within many sectors providing practical advice on supply chain vulnerabilities. Many organisations have invested heavily in technology providers which provide single strain data. As companies utilise multiple providers that often give conflicting results, the ability to correctly analyse this in real time, is proving a challenge for companies.

Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd can provide on-site audits in order that a clear understanding can be achieved of localised concerns, we also review current management systems to ensure vulnerabilities are identified and amended where required.

We also provide support for data analysts to give a better understanding of variables which provide the conflicting data.

This service is available worldwide.

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Diesel Dye Fuel Theft Solutions TM

Providing an overt marking solution in a variety of colours and strengths, DieselDye offers a visual deterrent alongside fuel traceability.

DetectaDye TM DNA Fuel Marking

DetectaDye creates a unique DNA fuel fingerprint. This allows for full traceability and identification. DetectaDye is miscible in all fuels including crude oil.

CovertDye TM Fuel Theft Solutions

CovertDye is an invisible marker, which when tested, will provide an instant verification of fuel ownership.


Consultancy – Providing practical advice on supply chain vulnerabilities.


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